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Registered Charity: Stichting In Oprichting

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At Hoooop Foundation, (Stichting Hoooop) we help people who struggle with language and or technological deficiency in their search towards jobs through technology itself.

Why does Hoooop care?

At one of the researches as presented in 2018 from the Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek, (The Dutch, Central Office for Statistics), we learned that people with a non-western background are almost 50% more likely to be unemployed, than people from The Netherlands itself. In some groups the percentages of unemployment are even higher. *

​In addition to that information, out of 100,000 newcomers in the Netherlands,  that arrived since 2015, 89% are still relying on welfare due to language, technological and database barriers. In addition, 40% of them are suffering from unemployment related depression.

​Besides these groups as mentioned, there are groups of people with dyslexia, illiterates, trailing spouses and immigrants that are finding it hard to find employment.

​For them, it has been difficult searching through the usual recruitment sites. This has blocked most of the newcomers, immigrants, illiterate & expats from searching for jobs on the digital job market. As a result, most of these groups are at big disadvantage economically & socially.

​Hoooop wants to change that statistic!


How can Hooop help?

We truly believe that if we lower the language barrier in the job market, a lot of people will benefit from this. The experienced employee knows how to execute his task and can learn the language while on the job. So one of the barriers would be making the job market within reach for the people who are seeking a job.

With doing so, at least the disadvantaged job-seeker knows where to knock on doors and present themselves towards employers.

Hoooop closes that gap.

What will Hoooop do?

Hoooop will bring people with language disadvantages, new unexplored chances towards getting a new job. Besides bringing literal hope, Ho∞op will open up doors towards integration and participation for those who are seeking inclusivity.

Some of the benefits of this will be that people will be able to stand on their own two feet, providing for their families and being a valuable member of society contributing towards the economy and towards a better future.

So if you want to help these group of people, get in touch with Ho∞op!

* Source:

We believe all people can grow,
define their future, and will change the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help as much as possible people towards a better future, by bridging the language barrier in the search and application for a new job.

Therefore we would like to connect to municipalities in The Netherlands first, so we can help local comunities and eventually the entire world.


Our Vision

By making most vacancies visible in multiple languages for everyone to see, we want to provide people with much needed hope. Our vison therefor, is to connect companies and their vacancies towards job-seekers. This will help new-comers and people with language barriers integrate easier in society.

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